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Youth shooting sports, the Waterford Wolverine Shooting Team in particular, provide an excellent opportunity for families to participate, grow and have fun together.  There are several ways you can get involved, support the team, and have some great fun in the process.




The number one way to be involved with the Waterford Wolverine Shooting Team is to sign your kids up to participate as members of the team.  While shooting sports are largely based on individual performance, we are above all else a team.  Our athletes shoot in squads and each individual shooter contributes to the success of our team.  We welcome boys and girls at all age and experience levels, from the elementary and middle school grades, through high school and even at college level.  Our athletes are classed as rookies, intermediate entry and intermediate advanced shooters, junior varsity, varsity, and collegiate shooters and compete with and against others at their skill and experience level.  Members of the Waterford Wolverine Shooting Team not only learn to shoot, but also develop life skills they will use well into their adult lives. The team members are taught safety for themselves and others, respect for the guns and others, and sportsmanship. 


As a parent of one of our athletes, you are encouraged to participate with the team as well.  Attending conference and invitational shoots to encourage and support your shooter and the team is a great way to stay connected.


For more information about becoming a member of the Waterford Wolverine Shooting Team, contact us at




Whether you have a family member, friend, or even neighbor on the team, volunteering your time is a great way to support the Waterford Wolverine Shooting Team.  Adult volunteers can assist in a number of ways.  You can volunteer as an assistant coach.  All coaches are trained through the NRA and SCTP providing the knowledge and tools to help our athletes achieve their full potential. 


 If you do not have shooting experience, there are other great ways to learn about and become involved in youth shooting sports. You can help at practices and/or competition shoots by keeping score, filling traps, pulling and keeping our home club clean. If you’re a shutterbug or are good at writing, we can always use help taking pictures and publicizing our accomplishments.  We can also use help with our fundraising efforts.  From organizing events, to soliciting donations, to selling tickets, there is a lot that goes into funding the team and offsetting the cost to our athletes and their families.


No matter what your special talents or resources, there are ways to put them to use to support the Waterford Wolverine Shooting Team.  For more information on volunteering your time and talents, contact us at




As you can well imagine, competitive shooting is an expensive sport.  The board of directors and coaching staff of the Waterford Wolverine Shooting Team work diligently to fundraise and offset the cost of this sport to our athletes and their families.  One of our goals is to keep the cost of participating within the reach of student athletes and their families.


Your donations help offset the cost of team uniforms, shells, targets, and even registration for conference, invitational, and regional competitions, also state & national Championships.  In addition, the club owns and maintains several guns for use by our athletes.  


As our pool of resources grows, we are able to offer or athletes a wider variety of opportunities, beyond American style trapshooting.  We also offer opportunities to compete in American Skeet, Sporting Clays, and Skeet Doubles, as well as international disciplines. International Skeet, Bunker Trap, and Trap Doubles are all Olympic Shooting Sports that are offered by the Waterford Wolverine Shooting Team. Also athletes that have an Olympic dream are encouraged to attend the JODC (Junior Olympic Development Camp) for the International Shooting Disciplines.


To arrange monetary donations or fundraising items please contact us at



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