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Head Coach

Tom Hoppa

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It is an honor and privilege to lead this team.  We are very fortunate to have an incredibly supportive community, parents willing to invest their time and money into our dedicated athletes, a welcoming gun club with challenging fields, a great group of adult volunteers, knowledgeable coaches, and a board that is second to none.  It is no surprise that the Waterford Wolverines Shooting Team is so successful.  Continuing our tradition of winning and, more importantly, helping the kids in our community build character by safely participating in shooting sports is my focus.

                   Anyone who has coached “traditional” youth sports like volleyball, basketball, football or softball knows how incredibly rewarding it can be to help kids develop a skill and watch them excel at it.  Coaching shooting sports is no different.  At WWST, safety is the first order of business and takes precedence over everything.  After that, the similarities to other sports become more apparent…such as training to have proper stance and form, how to acquire and intercept a moving target, correct follow-through, controlling emotion to move on quickly from failures, celebrating wins humbly, and being respectful to others.  Like all other team sports, our kids work on their skills with the hope that they can be the best individually which, in turn, will help their squad or team come out on top as well. 

                   My coaching philosophy is a bit different from what I used in “traditional sports” because we do not turn kids away based on skill level…there are no “tryouts”.  We will discuss short and long-term goals with the kids at the beginning of each season.  Some of our athletes want to compete at the highest level and others just want to enjoy a few rounds with their friends each week during the season.  Both types of athletes are welcomed, encouraged and helped along the way, but the coaching is tuned to their personal goals.  Those that want to be pushed and challenged are, and those who only want a tip here and there are given them.  All athletes, regardless of skill level, are welcome to attend all Conference and Invitational shoots as long as their school grades are above a minimum and they show safe handling when shooting the required number of practice rounds.   All of our athletes can also shoot at the State and National Championships if they have satisfied the school grade, safety and practice requirements and attend a required number of competitions. 

                    Joining the Waterford Wolverine Shooting Team can be a benefit to more than just the athlete. Many of our families choose to camp at our distant shoots experiencing enjoyment and camaraderie while making long-lasting friendships.  We take pride in the family atmosphere here and look forward to teaching your son or daughter a sport that they can participate in throughout their lifetime.  Please feel free to call or email me for more information.

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