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Midway USA Foundation


The Midway USA Foundation helps communities and organizations like the Waterford Wolverine

Shooting Team raise funds to support youth shooting activities. Midway helps shooting teams through their generous donations, matching contributions, and management of our endowment account.

The Team Endowment Account Program is owned and controlled by the Midway USA Foundation, Inc, a

501(c)(3) not-for-profit, public charity established by Larry and Brenda Potterfield in 2007.  The

Potterfields began the foundation as a result of their passion and interest in educations for shooting,

hunting, firearms safety, and outdoor skills.

The Team Endowment Account Program is intended to provide financial support to shooting programs,

such as the Waterford Wolverine Shooting Team.  Donations provide immediate grant potential along

with sustained funding from the investment earnings of the fund.  The Potterfield family makes a

donation each year to fund 100% of all operating expenses so that 100% of every dollar you donate goes

to support youth shooting.  The annual earnings from the invested principal will provide future funding

for shooting programs.  By donating to our endowment account through the Midway USA Foundation,

you will truly be providing for the future of our team and our beloved sport.

The Waterford Wolverine Shooting Team currently uses their endowment account as one of a three

legged approach to funding our team.  Annually, we are able to draw a grant of up to 5% of our

endowment account balance.  These funds may be used for shooting program expenses such as ammunition, travel, entry fees, uniforms, scholarships, and personnel costs.  The remainder of our

account balance remains invested and grows through donations, matching contributions, and earned

interest.  In addition to endowment account funding, the team also hosts annual fundraising activities,

such as our winter banquet and various raffles.  The third leg of our fundraising base is comprised of

monetary and “in kind” donations from our sponsors and supporters.


To leaarn more about The Midway Usa Foundation please visit:


Contributions to the Waterford Wolverine Shooting Team endowment, please visit here.


Please contact us at with any questions regarding our team's legacy.


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