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About us

The Waterford Wolverine Shooting Team, composed of Elementary through High School students from the Waterford Union High School District participates in clay target shooting events throughout Wisconsin. Athlete participation levels include Rookie, Intermediate Entry, Intermediate Advanced, JV, Varsity, and Collegiate.  Our season consists of weekly practices on Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. We compete against school teams from the SWSSC. Competition also includes Invitationals, State, Regional and National events.

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Thank you to all who came out to make our annual banquet a huge success! We couldn't bring the shooting sports to our 89 athletes without the hundreds of donations we received. The money raised will continue to provide top tear coaching, free competition shells for every shoot and payment of each athlete's competition fees. THANK YOU to our great community for your continued support! 
Our next board meeting will be Monday, May 6, at 7:00 at River City Lanes. All are welcome to attend. 
WWST are the SCTP 2022 National Champions

Team Awards:

First place singles trap squad Varsity:  Eli, Cole, Jaden, Angie, Riley 981/1000

First place singles trap high school squad:  Eli, Cole B., Cole A., Courtney, Jaden 988/1000

First place singles trap team senior division: Eli, Cole B., Cole A., Courtney, Jaden 988/1000

First place singles trap squad JV:  Cole, Matt, Brayden, Izzy, Courtney 969/1000

Fourth place Trap HOA:  Eli, Cole B., Cole A., Brayden, Jaden, Mason, Ava, Matt, Courtney 2785/3000

Second place squad JV Doubles Trap:  Brayden, Cole, Matt, Izzy, Brynn 823/1000

Second place squad JV Handicap Trap: Brayden, Cole, Matt, Izzy, Brynn 830/1000

Second place squad JV Skeet:  Brayden, Cole and Matt 580/600

Individual Awards:

First place ladies JV singles trap: Courtney 196/200

Second place men Varsity singles trap: Eli 200/200

Second place ladies Collegiate singles trap: Sarah 194/200

Fourth place ladies JV singles trap: Izzy 194/200

Fourth place men JV singles trap: Cole B. 199/200

First place ladies Collegiate Doubles Trap:  Sarah 186/200

First place ladies Collegiate Handicap Trap: Sarah 168/200

Second place men JV Skeet:  Brayden 198/200

Second place ladies JV Doubles Trap:  Izzy 166/200

Second place men JV Handicap Trap: Cole B.184/200

WWST is the SCTP 2022 Wisconsin State Champions for Varsity Trap!
Angie, Riley, Ava, Jaden and Aiden with a combined score of 490/500
SCTP Handbook

2022 Requirements to participate at State and National Championships

  • Athletes will be required to practice each discipline they shoot at State or Nationals with the team a minimum number of times prior to May 31, 2022.  The requirement will be for at least 9 trap practices, 5 skeet practices, TBD sporting clays / 5-stand practices (we'll know once we set our sporting clays practice schedule), International disciplines will be at coach's discretion.  

  • In order to shoot trap, skeet or sporting clays at State or Nationals, Athletes must have competed in that discipline a minimum number of times prior to May 31, 2022.  The minimums are 4 trap events, 2 skeet events and 2 sporting clays events.

  • The discretion of the Head Coach may override the above requirements in the event of sickness, injury or other circumstances that prevent an athlete from meeting expectations. 

Congratulations Jessie Strasser for helping break 14,167 targets to set a NEW Guinness Book of World Record for most targets shot in a 12-hour time frame. She along with four other shooters completed this task at the Powder Creek Shooting Range in Lenexa Kansas on October 12, 2019. Wolverine Pride!
2019 SCTP Third Place National High School
Team-Senior Division

2021 National Team Honors:

First Place Champions:  IA Handicap Trap; Doubles; Trap and Skeet 

Third Place High School Team Senior Division Trap

Third Place Trap High Over All: Trap, Doubles and Handicap

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2022 SCTP Wisconsin State Team  Honors:

State Sporting Clays:  Rookies: First Place;

JV:  First Place;

Varsity: Fifth Place

State Skeet:  IA: Third Place

 JV: First Place

Varsity:  Second Place

State Trap:  Rookies: Second Place

IA:  Third Place

JV:  First Place

Varsity:  First Place

Handicap All Team:  Second place

Doubles All Team:  Fifth place

HAA (High Above All) Open Team:  First Place: Brayden, Angie, Eli, Courtney, Ava, Riley, Matt, Cole B., Cole A. and Jaden.

HOA (High Over All) Open Trap Team:  Second Place:  Angie, Riley, Matt, Ava, Courtney, Cole A, Eli, Brayden, Owen and Jaden. 

State Bunker:   Senior Ladies First Place: Ava

Intermediate Third Place: Chloe

Burlington Conservation Club



The Burlington Conservation Club (BCC) hosts both the Burlington Trap Team and the Waterford Wolverine Shooting team. The members of the BCC have graciously opened their arms to the youth of the community and supported the program.

Scholastic Clay Target Program - SCTP


The SCTP provides kids from elementary grades through high school and college with the opportunity to participate in the fun and challenging sports of Trap, Skeet, and Sporting Clays, as well as Bunker Trap, Trap Doubles, International Skeet, and Skeet Doubles. 

2022 Scholarship Winners:

Congratulations to our two scholarship winners:  Angie W and Noah S.! Your performance in the classroom, on the field, as Youth Board Officers and in the clubhouse was exemplary! Good luck in your future college carriers as student athletes! Wolverine Pride!

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